Important website links for Responsible Volunteering

In case you missed some of these on my UCLU Voluntourism Debate blog, here are some important sources of information for Responsible Volunteering. Please feel free to comment and suggest further links to this list (please add value – pure marketing will not be added!)

General Volunteer Tourism

Childcare / Child Protection

Thanks for Sallie Grayon from People and Places for her input.

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4 Responses to Important website links for Responsible Volunteering

  1. PEPY Tours has developed a set of two guides aimed at i) helping prospective volunteers find the best-suited and responsible placement and ii) suggesting ways for existing volunteers to maximize their impact during their chosen placements. The guides are called “Learning Service: Tips and Tricks for Learning Before Helping” and “Learning Service: A Volunteer’s Charter”. These guides are completely free and available for anyone to browse through, use, and share. You can find them here:

    Here’s a short background about the company. PEPY Tours is a social enterprise that creates responsible travel experiences that integrate sightseeing and cultural immersion with experiential learning opportunities, all while raising money to support local community development. The PEPY Tours team is starting a global movement around a new type of travel; one centered around learning and engaging instead of merely observing and giving things away. Their idea is that today’s global citizens must learn before they can serve, so PEPY Tours team has coined the phrase ‘Learning Service’ to represent this. To help others who want to join the Learning Service movement and discover more about responsible volunteer travel, PEPY Tours created the above guides.

  2. Here’s another excellent resource Vicky – for anyone thinking of volunteering ( or simply visiting as a tourist ) in an orphanage

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